“Climate parliament” unites legislators worldwide to form climate-friendly policies

An international legislator network that promotes renewable energy policies by means of its members’ influence in their home country parliaments has helped procure small but positive changes to the national climate policies of India and Tunisia.

Aided by the resources, advice and support from the Climate Parliament, the Indian MPs participating in the initiative played a leading role in increasing India’s 2020 renewable energy target from 6% to 15%, according to the group.

In Tunisia, parliamentarians inserted a commitment to climate action into the country’s new constitution, and have pushed through a new law on renewable energy. These and other achievements are summarised in a PDF report of presentations to the group’s last annual conference, held in Jordan in November 2014.

The Climate Parliament is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme. It provides a means for the minority of legislators around the globe who are concerned about inaction on climate change to link up and share good practice through national parliamentary groups, international meetings and internet outreach. The network presses for both public and private investment to switch the world’s power supply to renewables.

The Climate Parliament recently appointed a new chair for its European Parliament branch: Keith Taylor MEP, a member of the UK Green Party, will now lead the Climate Parliament’s campaigns in Brussels.

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