Online platform for new economic movement aims to accelerate coordinated change

An international network of alternative economics experts has collaborated to produce an online platform to accelerate the shared understanding required for an effective transformation of the global economic system to achieve environmental sustainability.

Economic pathfinders Peter Lipman, Chair of Transition Networks UK, and Jules Peck, of the New Economics Foundation, are bringing together researchers and experts in alternative economic models in what they describe as “a collaborative investigation to map and spread practical, sustainable,  economic systems and methods”.

The focus will be on the development of economic approaches with the potential to supersede or replace modern capitalism and overcome its shortcomings, namely dependence on destroying the planetary “capital” – ecology, water systems, biodiversity, stable climate and so on – and its tendency to produce gross economic inequity.

It is hoped that the platform will link and progress the work of various innovative groups working on new approaches by enabling them to benefit from the efficiencies and progress that result from collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Named the Real Economy Lab, the platform helps identify “unifying themes or principles observed at the intersection of leading models for economic change” and promises to: “… seek to step outside the current paradigm, observe its patterns and to see the whole or bigger picture of a new economics.”


Photo credit: “Contando Dinheiro (8228640)” by Jeff Belmonte,Cuiabá, Brazil. Licensed under CC by 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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