ReStory is an experiment in creating news and other stories free from the distorting imperatives of power hierarchies, imperialism and the death economy, instead using big-picture framing anchored in ecology and community.

By highlighting the effects of such shifts in perspective, ReStory shows the potential for individual stories to challenge deeply held assumptions about society, success and progress; and to aggregate into an overall narrative twist for humanity.

Organisations whose activities already align with the realities of ecology and community will find their stories strengthened, deepened, turbo-charged with integrity, and no longer straining against the strictures of outdated assumptions.

Those still clinging to old structures, and trying to justify dubious agendas in the face of growing distaste, might find their stories — and any inherent deceits and absurdities — mischievously, perhaps unsettlingly, mocked and unmasked.

ReStory produces two main types of article: Comment pieces, which analyse the framing of published stories and other communications; and the less frequent ReStory Originals, which report on significant developments that the mainstream has overlooked or underplayed.

It also publishes occasional, long-form essays.

Commissions are welcome, as are suggestions for collaboration.

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