ReStory is an experiment in liberating our cultural stories from the distorting imperatives of power hierarchies, imperialism and the death economy — and re-writing them using big-picture framing anchored in the realities of ecology, energy and community.

By exploring the effects of different frames on news stories, corporate PR outputs, educational media and grassroots campaigns, ReStory shows how a shift in underlying assumptions can have a dramatic impact on the style, content and conclusions of a story, in some cases imbuing it with an implicit new imperative for humanity.

Applying the ReStory treatment to a small selection of the messages crossing my screen each week is how I spend my free time.

Organisations whose activities already align with the realities of ecology, energy and community will find their stories satisfyingly strengthened and deepened by such new frames. No longer straining against the strictures of jarring, outdated assumptions, their messages become turbo-charged with integrity.

Organisations still clinging to old structures, and trying to justify dubious actions in the face of growing awareness and distaste, might find their communications amusingly, perhaps shockingly rewritten, in a way that unmasks their deceits and absurdities.

I hope what is presented here will contribute to a deeper understanding of the power of stories and frames and encourage others to have a go at ReStorying ‘official’ narratives.

P.S. If your organisation would like me to ReStory its outputs, I will be happy to do so. Sometimes I’ll charge, sometimes I won’t. It depends on who you are, and how I’m feeling.

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