Our world is in a precarious state. Humanity has converged on a culture that makes a living from oppressing its most vulnerable and destroying its own habitat.

This omnicidal culture is maintained by a network of beliefs that perpetuate our sense of dependence on its destructive systems.

Unsurprisingly, these beliefs are upheld and promoted by those with vested interests in maintaining those systems. They are therefore actively perpetuated by complicit, corporate, mainstream media, communications organisations and governmental and educational establishments.

The official line on any issue is often based on arguments and judgements that do not serve life; and on perverted definitions of justice, peace, success and progress. We have internalised these arguments and definitions to such an extent that we barely notice them, nor how they shape the stories we accept unquestioningly, nor that they define our collective, erroneous view of how things got to this point and the options we now face.

ReStory was created to challenge that pattern: to show how differently things might look if the stories and messages that bombard us reflected the reality of where we’re at: the reality of this moment in the history of humanity, at psycho-cultural, ecological and energetic levels.

With this reality as the underpinning frame, stories can be liberated from the need to safeguard false assumptions; invested with shared values; and redeemed by truth. Resonating with meaning and direction, they have the potential to enlighten and liberate, rather than obfuscate and manipulate; even to heal, rather than propagate the wounds of society.

Commissions are welcome, as are suggestions for collaboration.

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