Our world is in a precarious state. Humanity has converged on a culture that makes a living from oppressing its most vulnerable and destroying its own habitat.

This omnicidal culture is maintained by a network of beliefs that perpetuate our sense of dependence on its structures and systems.

These beliefs are embedded so implicitly, so subtly, and so deeply in arguments, messages and stories, that we don’t realise we have internalised them, nor that they define our collective, erroneous view of how things got to this point and the options we now face.

And, not surprisingly, these same beliefs are upheld and promoted, persistently and insidiously, by those with vested interests in existing structures and systems, to the extent that we barely notice the cultural and social pressure not to question them.

ReStory was created to challenge that pattern: to see how things would look if these stories and messages did in fact reflect the reality of where we’re at; the reality of this moment in the history of humanity, at psycho-cultural, ecological and energetic levels.

It asks: what if the stories innately exposed the flaws in our story of progress, challenged the damage and fakery that prop up our high-energy, high-consumption, high-powered culture? What if they made it obvious that this culture cannot continue on its fantasy trajectory to techno-utopia, but instead must and will arc downwards, away from sky-gods and supremacy, to conclude in a messy interspersion of catastrophe and revitalisation; surrender and reconnection, integration and humility?

And it demonstrates that, with this reality as the underpinning frame, familiar communications now feel very different: freed of the need to safeguard false assumptions; invested with shared values; redeemed by truth; resonating with meaning and direction.

The resulting stories enlighten and liberate, rather than obfuscate and manipulate. They heal, rather than propagate the wounds of society.

They celebrate the work of dedicated groups demonstrating viable, restorative cultural and economic models in response to our predicament, expose the moral poverty of those blocking such projects, and call out the psycho-cultural damage behind that moral poverty.

ReStory was created to demonstrate the effects of such narrative shifts. Applying the ReStory treatment to a small selection of the messages crossing my screen each week is how I spend my free time.

I hope that what is presented here will contribute to a deeper understanding of the power of stories and frames and encourage others to try ReStorying ‘official’ narratives.

P.S. If your organisation would like me to ReStory its message, I will be happy to do so. Sometimes I’ll charge, sometimes I won’t. It depends on who you are, and how I’m feeling.

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